Columbiaville Transmission Repair Experts

If you need transmission repair you need to turn to look for an experienced mechanic with plenty of certifications behind their name, which you will find if you come down to Brian's Transmission & Auto Repair. While we offer a variety of different auto repair services, transmission repair is clearly our specialty, and we pride ourselves in taking any transmission and restoring it to its previous glory so you can get back on the road.

Of course, there are a few things you can do to help prevent your transmission from dropping out, and we offer those services as well. We offer everything related to transmission repair including transmission flushes and fluid changes because our goal is to keep our customers on the road. With almost three decades of experience serving the Columbiaville area, we can confidently say we are the top-performing transmission shop in the region.


If we could count the number of times people ask if they really need a transmission flush, we could probably close our doors and retire. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. If you like your transmission, then you need to get a flush from time to time. The purpose of a transmission flush is to remove all sludge and grime that builds up over time. By taking out the old fluid all the particles and dirt that collect will be instantly removed and new fluid will allow your transmission to run much gentler without as much heat and/or friction. While your manufacturer's guide is the best reference tool, most cars will require a transmission flush every 30,0000 to 50,000 miles or every three to five years.


A lot of people think that a transmission fluid change is the same thing as a flush, so they book either one or the other and think they are good to go. However, a transmission fluid change is similar to an oil change. Only about 50% of the fluid is removed and then the new fluid is added. The end result is clearer fluid, but sludge, debris, and particles can still remain inside of your transmission. A flush is the only way to completely clean out your system. In addition, during the flush the transmission pan is cleaned, the filter is replaced, and new fluid is added - none of which happens during a fluid change.


Of course, even with regular maintenance, your transmission will age as time passes and eventually you might be dealing with a slip or some other type of mechanical issue. If you find yourself in that spot, don't give up on your car. Call Brian's Transmission & Auto Repair of Columbiaville to schedule and experience the best in transmission repair service.


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One of the best ways to extend the life of your clutch and to avoid the premature need for a clutch replacement is to repair it at the first sign of trouble. Signs that your vehicle needs clutch repair work include difficulty shifting gears, sluggish acceleration, unusual noises when shifting gears and more. We complete clutch repairs on all types of vehicles, and we are ready to look at your car. Count on us to deliver excellent results without delay when you schedule clutch repair service with us.


Many vehicles today are designed with an overdrive transmission, which can boost fuel economy. When your overdrive transmission requires repair or maintenance work, it should receive prompt attention from experienced specialists. Our technicians have profound experience and a solid track record of delivering great results for all types of overdrive transmission services. For your convenience, you can call ahead of your arrival to schedule an appointment for the overdrive transmission service that your vehicle needs.


Transmission rebuilds are a smart alternative to a transmission replacement, and you can count on our technicians to deliver quality results for this important service. Transmission rebuilds are generally necessary when a transmission repair service will not suffice. Through the expertise and hard work of our conscientious and skilled auto techs, transmission rebuilds are completed promptly and will enable you to extend the life of your aging vehicle. When you contact us for transmission repair work, we can answer your questions about transmission rebuilds.


Even when you complete clutch repair and maintenance work as needed, the clutch will eventually wear out. Quality clutch replacement is vital to the operation of your vehicle. Given the importance of excellent workmanship on a clutch replacement, you understandably do not want to let the first technician you come across work on your car. We have been replacing damaged clutches for many years, and we are ready to diagnose and repair your car’s clutch issues.


Transfer cases are a critical component of your vehicle’s movement, and they must be well-maintained for your safety on the road. Both all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles have transfer cases. These transfer cases draw power from your vehicle’s transmission, and they are responsible for moving that power to the vehicle’s axles. Regardless of whether you know that your transfer cases need work or you want diagnostics completed for your car’s transfer cases, we can help.


Does your vehicle have a standard or overdrive transmission? Regardless of the type of transmission that is paired with your car’s engine, we are the service center that will expertly complete transmission repair service so that you can get back out on the road soon. Given the importance of your vehicle’s transmission, transmission repair work should only be completed by trustworthy, well-qualified technicians. At our service center, we address all types of transmission repair services, including transmission rebuilds, work on overdrive transmissions and more.


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